Grand opening event at Takeda Austria

Celebrating the start of swarm operation

Nov 26 2018

Grand opening of an IGV System at Takeda Austria in Linz. AGILOX has successfully implemented a IGV system at Takeda Austria in Linz with 2 vehicles in a very narrow area. It was a great honour to be part of the internal opening event with leaders from Takeda Europe. We are looking forward on many more successful projects together with our partner Takeda. Many thanks to Michael Blach, Thomas Braunreiter and the whole Takeda team.

Testimonial comment by Michael Blach, Director Supply Chain & Warehouse:

"Agilox IGV (intelligent guided vehicle) is an really impressive solution which positively inspires our key asset – people on the shop floor in the warehouse. A fast implementation timeline with almost no shut down times was vital for us. With a high professional can-do attitude on both sides we have successfully accomplished our 1st project milestone. Agilox has proven that also small presents (the famous “Linzer Torte”) can easily be lifted and transported during a Takeda Europe meeting/event at Linz plant in November 2018. We are looking forward to the next phase with Agilox to further roll out and next level system integration.”

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Dynamic Routing at its best

Precise Navigation

Navigation (position determination) and autonomous routing in the swarm. In this area, we set ourselves apart from the competition and meet our high requirements in a stable manner: +/- 2 millimetres accuracy, only on the basis of the room contour. If, on the one hand, you want to have a quickly adaptable and expandable system, and at the same time want to transfer it to narrow conveyor technologies, this is also necessary. Magnetic points in the floor, glued-on guidelines or calibrated mirrors on the wall were yesterday. We use our laser scanner at the highest point of the device and scan the environment 360 degrees. And this works in the most challenging environments, even with minimal to no available landmarks. Routing instead of projected lanes is new on the market. Determining the optimal lane in real time. Routing in a swarm means finding the best possible route for all participants, in solidarity, so that the overall route of all vehicles is optimal for the process. Linear optimization, so to speak. Deadlocks are avoided and mutual blockages are efficiently resolved. And if an operator wants to set a fixed route because the situation requires it, this is quite simply possible via a virtually drawn line.