AGILOX goes Silicon Valley

Podium at International Pitch Competition in Santa Clara, CA

Nov 28 2018

During the first two weeks of November AGILOX was invited to a couple of Pitching Events in Silicon Valley. At the International Pitch Competition in Santa Clara, where 13 nations competed against each other Dirk Erlacher won a podium place for AGILOX.

During this time AGILOX connected with many interesting VC's and Strategic Investors from all over the globe to accelerate the world wide scale-up.

Thanks to all supporters and we are looking forward to see you again in the Valley beginning of 2019!

Many Applications

Automatic Retooling

AGILOX is designed as standard for the transport of load carriers that can be transported with forks: Pallets, trolleys, half pallets, mesh boxes, etc. If units with excess lengths of up to 1,600 mm are transported, fork extensions can be retrofitted. But the transport of boxes such as KLTs is also no problem - the AGILOX BoxCarrier is available for this purpose. Based on the transport order, the vehicle recognizes that a box or a tray stack is to be transported. It automatically moves to the storage position of the top and converts itself. Thus several applications are possible with one device or in one system.