AGILOX at Lufthansa Technik Innovation Days

The eye-catcher at the customer event in Hamburg

Aug 01 2018

AGILOX live demo at LUFTHANSA Technik Innovation Days 2018 in Hamburg. AGILOX was invited to give an idea of plug&play setup, contour based navigation and routing in highly complex environments. Within no time AGILOX was fully integrated - a secure and collaborative part of the visitors flow. Many thanks to Harald Kolbe, Alexander Tesch and LUFTHANSA TECHNIK AG

The best compliment - Curious looks from technicians/visitors
24/7 power pack

Efficient Energy Management

The energy system in the AGILOX is exceptional - we rely on the LiFePO4 technology, with integrated charging concept. The advantage is that the battery copes well with short charges and high currents. This means that we automatically use every logistic break without a transport order for charging, even if it is only a few seconds. If these slots are not given, no problem: charging for 4-5 hours of operation takes less than 15 minutes. The energy transfer is contact-based via a small charging plate at 48 VDC / 80A. On the primary side, 3-phase 400V are required with 16A fuse protection, easily plugged in via a CEE socket. The rechargeable battery Pacḱ and the charge are completely monitored by the integrated battery management system (BMS). The complete system of the new generation is certified according to UN38.3.