AGILOX the missing link to VNA trucks (Video)

Unrestriced freedom of movement makes AGILOX the perfect solution

Nov 16 2018

AGILOX receives a lot of customer requests inquiring interaction of IGV’s with VNA trucks. Manually or automatically driven VNA stackers pick and drop pallets from shelves, and are transporting those to very narrow hand- over areas which are located next to pick-up or drop-off aisles, often less than 1.8m wide. Due to no limitation in movement directions - especially allowing parallel movements, AGILOX is a perfect solution to deal with such load units and connect this stores with the entire plant.

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Industrie 4.0 Ready

Offene Schnittstellen

AGILOX interagiert mit seiner Umwelt. Mit Menschen über Easy Buttons, übers AGILOX IO Modul mit Maschinen, Toren, Liften, Brandmeldeanlagen, etc. oder über die standardisierte JSON / Webservice Schnittstelle mit übergeordneten Host-Systemen. Das HMI - also die Mensch / Maschine Schnittstelle - wird im Webbrowser abgebildet und ist jederzeit verfügbar.